Acquisition Intranet Information Architecture Research

In August 2016, I conducted a card sort study in which the client and their newly acquired associates organized the intranet content into categories. Based on this study, 6 main content categories were recommended: About, Products & Innovation, Corporate, Locations, IT, and HR.

Project Goals
The original card sort findings were extended and enhanced by the following activities:
1. Determining whether intranet users will be able to successfully navigate to desired content using the proposed categories
2. Comparing alternative placements and labels for items which had ambiguous results in the card sort study (e.g. Marketing, which was associated with both Corporate and Products.)
3. Evaluating whether proposed subcategories within Corporate and Products & Innovation are understandable
4. Identifying appropriate content to include in the new About category

Study Methods
119 associates from a range of different locations, roles, and levels of experience participated in this evaluation, which used 2 different methods to evaluate the proposed intranet categories:
• Tree testing, in which participants complete tasks that require them to find specific topics using a clickable version of the proposed intranet menu. This illustrates where users click when looking for particular topics, and whether they are able to understand the menus and navigate to the correct items. This method evaluates only the menus and labels, and does not include any
screen design or content to help explain the labels.
• Click testing, in which users see a screen layout and are asked to click the place on the screen where they could go to complete a certain task. Click testing evaluates both the category label and the visual presentation within the overall design.