Intercept Study on Large Touch Screen Devices

The focus of the usability study was to test and make recommendations to the design, flow, navigation, etc. to a touch screen mall directory. The client operated internationally in over 236 malls and outlet malls. My responsibilities as an assistant UX researcher included preparing the screener, documentation, recruiting test participants, and analyzing qualitative data

Areas to focus on for testing:
• Navigation, information architecture
• Visual design elements
• Language/tone
• Process/flow, search
• Interaction design
• Main screens
• Offerings
• Presentation of menus and links, ads, etc.
• Features that interact with mobile devices from the directory

Details available upon request.

Eye-tracking Research with Tobii

Organized, facilitated, and analyzed web wide eye-tracking study to observe user behavior across numerous sites. The goal of the research project was to observer user page scan behaviors such as: exhaustive review, desired exploration, and banner blindness. Using the Tobii eye tracking hardware, I documented and studied web and mobile eye tracking behaviors. Both quantitative and qualitative sessions took place during this study.

Details available upon request.